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Lisa Manley

Lisa, originally from Wicklow, qualified as a General Nurse in 2003 in London. She obtained her qualification in Colon Hydrotherapy in 2004 and since then has worked in alternative health. She trained with The UK National College of Colon Hydrotherapy in Somerset, founders of ARCH ‘The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists’, UK. Lisa is also a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist with The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). Nutrition plays a vital part in helping clients moving forward to a better sence of welbeing. Educating people about the effects of a healthy diet is paramount. She is currently one of very few therapists working in Ireland registered with ARCH.

“After years of suffering from chronic digestive problems, dependence on laxatives, anti-spasmodic and all sorts of medication for IBS I underwent a course of colonics and in turn became fascinated with the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy and the amazing effects “good foods” have on the body. It has completely changed my mindset from the typical generic methods taught to me in nursing to realising that our health starts with us, what we do, our stresses, what we eat and even more importantly in this Western society, what we don’t eat!” – Lisa Manley

Lisa has worked with numerous colonic machines over the years and has always gone back to using the gravity-fed system. The Gravity-Fed System provides an overall deeper cleanse & detox. It removes much more old impacted feacal matter than machines. Therefore, ridding the body of many more toxins in just one treatment. This means that optimal health is restored much quicker and generally less treatments are needed. There is a triple filter system used which purifies the water used, one of which fliters fluoride.

Fluoride is a chemical ion of the element fluorine and has purported benefits of preventing Dental Caries, more commonly known as dental decay. For this reason alone it is added to our water supply in the form of a chemical known as Hydrofluorosilicic Acid.

Fluoride easily displaces iodine in the body, a lack of which shuts down production of thyroxine and can lead to hypothyroidism causing dry and premature aged skin, a lowered body temperature and a slower metabolism. Fluoride is known to be a risk factor in the development of many serious health problems that are prevalent in Ireland today. These include cardiovascular and neurological disease, type 1 diabetes, osteoporosis, skeletal fluorosis, chronic fatigue and depression.

Ireland is the only EU member state with mandatory water fluoridation and it also has the highest level of congenital hypothyroidism in Europe. It has noted that patients with chronic illness improve their condition when they remove fluoride from their diet and that all patients suffering from thyroid problems should remove fluoride from their diet.

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